Tushar Express Agreement

We will do the following for your brochure website: Website design, Hosting, Web security, Unlimited Support, Monthly reports. Customer will provide photos and copy for the site.

$99.99 credit to Tushar Express

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This Agreement may be accepted and entered into either by paper signature of the Merchant or by electronic acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, which acceptance shall constitute an electronic record of the Agreement between the parties. Bysigning below the undersigned individual represents that (i) they are duly authorized representative of the Merchant identified above; (ii) hereby acknowledges that Merchant has read and understands this Agreement and Operating Procedures and agrees to be bound by their terms attached hereto (the “Agreement”) s; (iii) represents that the information provided by Merchant in this Agreement is true, complete and not misleading; (iv) RocketFire Marketing, LLC and its agents to credit and debit the Designated Automatic Funds Transfer Account or Credit Card in accordance with thisAgreement; and (v) the cardholder of the credit card identified above authorizes the issuer of the card to charge to them, through the card, the amounts payable by Merchant under this Agreement.

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