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Membership Software


Dentists and other types of practices struggle with cash flow and patient loyalty because insurance companies take their share first, dictate what dentists should charge and take a long time to “pay out”.


Dentists and other practices need to pull “insurance” type programs in house by creating membership programs for their patients.  The practice will receive predictable recurring revenue which will make their practice run smoother financially and they will retain patient loyalty.

Web App

We plan to create a SaaS application that will help dentists organize and automatically collect money from patients on their monthly/yearly membership.


Add unlimited amount of members Add unlimited amount of plans Set up automatic recurring revenue Track revenue, members and visits to the practice


Automatic collections /Collect payment automatically each month Improve cash flow Improve patient loyalty Eliminate insurance hassles for office and patient Attract new patients Increase treatment acceptance for patients Affordable membership fee for patients

Developer Looking for a back-end developer that is interested in starting something new and useful.

– Experience building web apps or SaaS – Understands payment gateways and security –  Interested in equity in company


If interested contact Jordon Comstock – (801)-910-5651 or