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If a patient came into your office and started looking around, checking out all your pamphlets/brochures, was showing interest in becoming a new patient, Would you just sit an ignore them? Essentially people visit your website because they are interested in you, most dental offices ignore them and don’t ask them if they need help or if they would like to schedule a first visit. It is fair to say that your website is your “digital practice” people come in and out every day and no one says a single word to them. Ignoring your patients when they come into your office is very unprofessional, so when you ignore people coming into your “digital space” I find it just as unprofessional. In this article I am going to be talking about the benefits of implementing our live chat software with your online presence.

It’s All About Experience

Dentistry is all about experience, if you don’t give a great experience when patients visit your office, they probably won’t refer to your practice or schedule another appointment. Having a well thought out experience with your office is essential and it all starts with your online presence. if visitors come to your website and it is unfinished, ugly or outdated they probably will hit the back button and search for a better looking office. When you have a great website this will help you attract people to your office, when you can actually communicate with your potential patients right from your website, it is unique convenient and gives your customers a great experience, After they are done scheduling an appointment with your front office via our online chat software, they probably will start telling their friends how unique, convenient, high tech and cool their new dental office is. Once they come into your office and experience your friendly and well trained staff ( Your staff can be well trained to give great experiences with a little help from a company called BOMA) , they will probably refer your practice to their family and friends or even talk about you on social media.

Convenience is King

I am all about making things convenient for my customers because they are the ones that will be paying my business for my products and services. Allowing your patients to pay online or simply allowing them to schedule via our live chat app can make a world of difference for your patients. Maybe they are busy at work and don’t have time to pick up the phone and call your office to schedule an appointment or maybe they just hat speaking on the phone, allowing your patients to ask questions and communicate with your office in real time via our live chat app is very convenient and will make your patients happy.


I hope this article helps you understand that you are in the experience and convenience business. Allowing your patients and potential patients to communicate with your office right when they find out about your practice is one of the best things you can do for your online presence because your visitors will feel like you actually care about them right from the begging of the relationship.

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