Your dental practice’s website is the first thing that new patients will see when they are researching your practice. If your website is unfinished, out of date or just plain ugly your patient will probably hit the back button and never return again. The web is a dynamic and changing world, most dental offices built a website 5 – 10 years ago and they have never updated it so it works on mobile devices, optimized it for search engines, or even updated who their current staff is. It is essential for dentists to have an updated and professional website but dentists are busy people and they should be spending their time with their patients and not wasting time trying to figure out their website. here are some tips on why dentists should pay an affordable subscription for their website.

A Web Team For Your Practice

Most dental practice’s pay a monthly fee for practice management software, so they can get updates and support when they need it. Having a successful website needs to be treated the same way because software powers a website and if you don’t update it, it will break or get hacked and when you need support you need someone with technical skills to help you out. When you sign up for our affordable dental website design subscription you not only get powerful software that powers your website and professional designs, you will get a team of web professionals that can help your practice update, maintain and fix your website. You hired a website designer because you don’t know how to write code or configure a database, much like why your patients see you because they can’t fill their own cavities or cut their own crowns. Most web design companies do things backwards, they ask for $6,000 to $12,000 up front, build a website and then leave you high and dry without support when you need it (sound like your situation? give us a call – 801-753-8586). When you pay a subscription, you will have a web team dedicated to help your office succeed online every month.

Updates Are Extremely Important

Paying a subscription is the ideal way to get a website because a website’s code and software need to be updated on a regular basis or your website can break and get compromised by malicious hackers. Most dentist’s probably have viruses on their websites because they have never updated them and your site can be spreading these viruses to your patients and staff. I have seen websites get compromised by hackers to a point where the doctor has to rebuild the entire website, if he spent over $6,000 to build the website, that is a lot of money to spend again to rebuild the site. You pay monthly subscriptions for your software and phone systems to not only get professional tools for your practice but you always get professional support to help your practice be successful, your website should be the same way because the technology is always changing and you need a smart team to manage it.

Built in Applications

Useful applications can make our life easier, especially if you run a busy dental practice. When you sign up with us, every site we build and maintain for your dental practice will come with online bill pay features so your patients can pay their bill right from your website and the funds will automatically be deposited to your business bank account. Lead generation forms are extremely important to capture potential patients email address so you can market to them via email. Each of our sites has the option to collect emails and automatically send marketing emails directly to your prospect’s email. If you want to speak with a potential patient right when they find out about your office, our live chat software will allow your staff to answer questions, schedule appointments and connect with new visitors all through the website and give your visitors a wonderful experience from the start. Having a web team that can provide your dental practice with essential tools to help run your practice is the best thing you can do to succeed online.

Reporting is Essential

Gathering reports from your website is essential to understanding how people are finding your practice online. If you don’t have reporting for your site it is just like walking blindly in the dark. By paying a subscription for your website you will get automated reporting about your site so, you know what is working for your practice online, what keywords patients are searching to find your practice, if social media is generating leads or if your blog is working correctly.


I built RocketFire to help dental offices succeed online. Having a clean, professional and user friendly website will not only help you build credibility for your practice but you will be able to attract new patients. Think of how you use the internet to buy services and products, you visit a website and if it looks unprofessional, unfinished or ugly you just hit the back button and move on to the next candidate. Having a website that is an affordable subscription is the best things you can do for your practice. If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for a professional website that costs the same as a filling, contact us here for a free consultation.