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Most dental practices spend thousands of dollars on a marketing website for their practice, but it seems like only a few stop and think about adding a bill pay software to their website and kill two birds with one stone, marketing and collections. In this article I will be talking about why your practice’s website should have online bill pay integrated right into your website.

Online Bill Pay is Convenient

Having an online bill pay software on your website is Convenient for your patients because most of the time they pay bills after work or on the weekends, so they can’t call in your office and pay their bill. If you allow payments from your website your practice can receive payments during any hour of any day. You won’t need to pay an employee to manually take payments 24/7, because your website will do this for you.

Automatically Sends Funds to Your Bank Account

Are you sick of sending staff to your bank to deposit checks? having an online bill pay built right into your website will solve the headache of managing checks. When a patients goes to your website to pay a bill your Front office will be notified when a patient makes a payment and then the funds will magically appear in your bank account.


Saves You Time And Money

Don’t need to pay for a terminal, no need to pay monthly just for the bill pay software, no need to travel to the bank to deposit checks like you did in the 1980’s. Some of our customers tend to get rid of their merchant service and strictly have everyone pay online, this alone will help you save money and time.


Most website companies are not built to specifically help dental practices, when you choose us to help you with your website, you not only get an awesome company that can build a modern website for your practice, but you will get a team of web professionals that understand dentistry ( we really do, most of our staff have been former lab technicians, hygienists and dental assistants) and you will be provided with the best tools to help you become successful online.