There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you’ve been in the business. Some things last a long time without updating or changing but unfortunately it is not true for your website. In the early days you were a head of your game when you had a website, but these days if your website is not designed well, you are definitely outdated. What makes a well designed website? simple design, easy to navigate/use, engages with your customers/audience, educates your visitors, shows that there is a real organization running behind the website, show that honest and trustworthy people stand behind your website and make it easy for people to contact you.

According to Stanford University 75% of people judge your credibility of your business based on the appearance/design of your website, so it is kind of a big deal to care about how your website looks and it is just as important to have a trustworthy team to help you with your site if you don’t understand how to build a site that meets the standards of today internet users.

Here is a list of reasons why your website needs a face lift.

1. It is Not Mobile Friendly

Yes, if your website does not fit on a phone your site is outdated. Your visitors will just hit the back button and leave to visit your competitor’s site. When it comes to local searches more than half are performed on mobile devices so if you are selling services or products to your local market you better jump on the mobile friendly bus or you will be left behind. According to WooRank, having a mobile friendly website can give you the opportunity to double your sales. Let’s face it, everyone uses their smart phone to surf the web, make sure your site is updated so your customers aren’t frustrated when using your website. 72% of consumers want mobile-friendly websites.

2. It is in Flash ( ha ha)

Ha ha ha. Flash has been outdated for the past 6 years. if your website is built with this old technology, your site won’t even show up on your customers smart phones and mobile devices and that means they will hit the back button! Flash not only doesn’t work on iPhone and iPads but Google and other search engine can’t even read Flash so your site can’t be found by searchers which means your SEO strategy will be hurting. Here is an article about 8 reasons you should avoid Flash websites.

3. It Looks Really Outdated

Some people can’t tell if their site has been designed poorly that is why it is important to trust a professional that has design experience and education. If your website was designed  a few years ago I can already tell you that it is outdated. I see many websites that have the copyright back in the early 2000s ( seriously update your website). Sometimes I see websites that automatically play music when you visit the site, EW! Just hit the back button!  Design is not just making things look pretty, it is also making a website work well for the users.

Web technology and trends change very fast so it is important to have a web team that can continue to help guide your business for online success. 94% of people say that businesses with a well designed website are more trustworthy. Gaining people’s trust is important for your business and having a well designed website will help.

4. You Don’t Have a Person Who Manages Your Site

Small businesses have this problem the most. The web is an important tool in the business world today, if you don’t have someone to help guide you with the many changes in web technology/maintenance and online marketing your business will struggle. This is the main reason why I created RocketFire, I wanted to give small business owners a team of people that could help them with the design and tech maintenance for their websites.

5. You are Embarrassed to Send Your Customers to Your Site

Maybe you are suffering from some of the reasons above or maybe it is a completely different one that I didn’t even mention. Nonetheless If you are embarrassed about your site, it is definitely time to re-design your site. Your website is a great investment for the future success of your business, it is time to take action and have the mindset that your website matters and can be a great tool to gain more customers.

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.

If you have any questions about your website we would love to help! Just reach out to us here.