You can do a lot of things yourself these days, thanks to YouTube you can search for anything and learn how to do anything by watching videos and reading articles, in fact we have a YouTube channel that teaches Do It Yourselfers how to create a website for their small business – check it out here. Just because you can learn how to build a website via videos and articles doesn’t mean you should. There are a lot of non technical people out there that should stay far away from creating a website for their business.

Here are 4 reasons why you should not build your own website.

1. Constant Updates and Maintenance

If you don’t understand how the web works or even how computers work, you should probably think about hiring a professional to help you with your website. All website software needs to be updated on a regular basis. Technology moves fast and if you don’t keep your site up to date you can easily have problems with hackers and outdated code that breaks your website. Most small business owners don’t have extra time during their day to worry about website maintenance.

2. You Don’t Understand How People Use The Web

Most small business websites give the business a bad reputation online because small business owners who try to build their site on their own don’t know how people use the web and make poor choices with design and layout that confuse the website visitors and users. If you don’t know how to design a website for users, you probably shouldn’t be designing your own website.

3. You Don’t Understand Style And Design

Most DIY web designers ( AKA – Small business owners that waste their time trying to build a website) don’t have the slightest idea about good design. I once helped a small business owner redesign his logo because he designed the first logo so bad it made his business look unprofessional and super cheap. People like quality design, if you don’t understand what makes quality design, then you shouldn’t be building your website. Good design makes people believe that the company is unique and has high quality products or services.

4. You Are Not Tech Savvy

Let’s face it, most people are not tech savvy and if you are trying to build a professional website for your business you need to be tech savvy. you need to understand programming, HTML, CSS SEO, PPC and other technical skills that can take years to develop and master.


Small business owners need to learn the importance of delegating tasks and skills they don’t know how to do (or are not good at) and assign those skills or tasks to people who can accomplish them faster and better. If you can learn this, you will be able to grow and maintain your business better than most small businesses out there. Many small business owners try to go the super cheap way when it comes to building a website, but let me make this clear, a website is publicly seen by your customers and people in your community. What kind of impression do you want your business to have? if it looks bad people will think your business is bad, it is a simply concept but most business owners don’t understand it.

I hope this article helps small business owners understand the importance of quality web design. If you think hiring a professional web designer or agency will break the bank, think again, RocketFire helps small businesses look professional online, we have 100s of professional website templates that you can choose from and help you maintain your most important marketing investment for your business ( Your Website). We charge an affordable monthly fee (we don’t believe in charging $10,000 plus costly maintenance) for your website. We handle everything from hosting, domain names and maintenance for your small business. Check it out!