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Many times we have had businesses come up to us and say I just want you to build my website and give me free website support and maintenance. We don’t work like that. We are running a business and don’t offer free recurring work. Every business website needs maintenance and support services because every website is made with software that needs to be updated to function correctly, so hackers won’t get into it and mess stuff up, Websites are also projects that never get finished or never end, successful businesses always want to add new information to their website (Hint: that is good for SEO and Online marketing), like promotions, new pictures, blog posts, new services or project pages etc. so website support is necessary for small, medium and large businesses.

Successful Business Need Website Support Services

Most businesses hire a web designer because they don’t have design expertise and don’t know how to do the technical tasks of building and maintaining a website thus the importance of having website support services. As a successful business owner you don’t have time to fiddle around on your website trying to figure out how to add new pictures or blog posts or even how to add products to your online store. If you want to spend all of your time tweaking and learning about web technologies then your time is not being well spent as a business owner, you have better things to worry about, like cash flow, employees, customers and your products or services, that is why you need website support services, because you simple shouldn’t waste your time on them.

By hiring a web company that offers website maintenance and support services you automatically hire a team of web professionals – designers, marketers and developers without breaking the bank or adding more to your payroll.

The Benefits Of Website Support Services

There are many benefits of having website support services for your business. Lets talk about a few of the many benefits:

Piece Of Mind

I had a customer who’s website all of a sudden got a “FATAL ERROR” message on his website and a portion of his online store stopped working! this means revenue can stop, because he had website support with us he was able to call us and we were able to fix the problem super fast and get his website working again. Website support services gives business owners piece of mind when something bad happens to your website and something bad always happens.

Website Security

I had another customer who had a website but didn’t want to pay for the support and maintenance services we offer (we know require all of our customers to have website support services, because we can give them a better product). The website owner never updated his software and after a few months his website got hacked and destroyed, costing his business thousands of dollars to replace the website. He was careless and didn’t want to pay a small monthly fee for website support services. When you have someone constantly looking out for your website, you won’t have to worry about hackers destroying your site and paying thousands of dollars to fix the mess.

Software Updates

Software updates keep your website secure from hackers but they also keep up with technology changes and make your site function. if you stop updating website software it will eventually break and you will have to spend money fixing and updating your website.

Help When You Need It

Website support services are great because all business owners need help with their websites, maybe you need to add a new promotion on your website or add a new product or service you are selling, either way it is nice to have someone to help with your website especially if you have no idea what you are doing on the web. We help a lot of our customers with site updates, online marketing consulting and design/usability consulting.

If you are interested in website support services we would love to help answer any questions you might have, feel free to contact us.