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Are you screaming I need help with my website? if you are a small business owner you probably have said this phrase countless times to your employees, friends and family. Just the other day my wife’s uncle’s sister (confusing, I know) came to me and shouted I NEED HELP WITH MY WEBSITE! I stared at her and said, what are your problems? – ha ha. She told me that her first web designer did a great job on her website but now she can never get a hold of him to make changes and to ask questions about online marketing stuff 🙂

It is driving me mad, she said. I told her that this problem is very common and if you want a web design company to help maintain and support your website you need to pay for it. When a web design company doesn’t offer maintenance and support, I start seeing red flags appear. You hire web designers to help you maintain and support your website, that means if you need some changes made you should be able to email or call your web designer and say I need help with my website. In our business we  currently charge $179/mo to build and maintain your small business website (That is a killer deal! most web agencies charge anywhere from $6,00 to 10,000 or more), if you need help RocketFire will be at your side month after month.

Why Is It Important To Have Website Support?

You might be asking yourself, why is it important to have website support? well, do you know how to program, design, upload files to a server, resize images for the web/mobile devices, do you know how quickly the internet changes? Do you know how to market your business online with all of the many channels to choose from? Do you know how to secure a website so hackers don’t break in and cause issues for your business? Do you know how to update website software without breaking your website? Do you know how people are finding your website? do you know how many visitors each month your website gets? Do you know about on page SEO or off page SEO? Do you know how to write a blog correctly? I can keep going but I won’t, it is obvious that many businesses need help with their websites, the internet changes and if you are not keeping up to date with everything your website will be outdated or broken in no time.

Building a business is tough and time consuming, business owners need to learn how to let go of tasks they shouldn’t be doing like managing a website or book keeping, its much easier and less expensive than doing everything yourself. If you are screaming I need help with my website! We can help you build a new site, maintain your website and improve the design of your website. If you need help with your website or have questions about small business websites send us an email, we would love to help your business succeed online!