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WordPress is a great platform to build and manage websites. If you are a small business owner it is hard to manage every aspect of a business especially web development, support and maintenance. If you use WordPress for your website you probably want to make some changes here and there and not have to worry about all the technical stuff.

How WordPress Support Services Can Help Your Small Business

As a busy business owner you want your website to be professional so your customers or clients have a good first impression of your business. Most web designers will charge a small business around $5000 plus to create a website and then they forget about you as their client and stop supporting your website. What happens if you need to make changes to your website, do you know how to code or do you have the time to learn how to use WordPress, Do you even know what WordPress is? Many business get ripped off by web designers because they don’t support the website products they create. WordPress support services can help your small business and allow you to have a web IT guy that helps you when you need it, saving you time and worry.

WordPress Support Services Will Keep Your Site Secure

Websites get hacked all the time because people haven’t been trained to keep them secure. Around 70% of WordPress websites are at risk for attack, this does not make WordPress a bad choice, it just means business owners and web designers/developers need to understand how to properly maintain a WordPress website. If you stop updating the WordPress software, themes and plugins your site may be at risk for being hacked, as a business owner you don’t want your site to be hacked because that means you need to pay to fix it and this can be expensive. If you own a WordPress ecommerce store you really need to make sure your site is constantly updated or a hacker can steal sensitive data, stop your website from working so you lose revenue and hurt your reputation. By purchasing WordPress Support Services you won’t have to worry about hackers. Remember, no one can protect your website 100% from hackers , don’t believe any one who tells you that you will never be hacked.

WordPress Support Services Are Worth What You Pay For

If you want a quality product you always pay more to get a better quality product. The same goes for services, when you are searching for WordPress support service make sure you are not choosing a service just because they are the cheapest, you may be disappointed if you choose the cheapest. If you care about your website, you probably should invest money into so it can keep giving you a return on your investment, if your WordPress website is generating revenue for your business you need to protect that asset, if your website is being used as a marketing tool you need to make sure your site is protected and that you have a team of professional working and support your website.

If you are looking for WordPress support services for your business we would love to help you out and support your website we generally charge around $179/mo to build and support your WordPress Website, feel free top contact Jordon.