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Ecommerce is growing faster and faster each day, with millions of people connected to the internet each second of the day it is hard to ignore the power of the internet let alone ecommerce. If you are a small business I bet you have thought about implementing ecommerce solutions for your small business but don’t know where to begin. If you still are trying to understand ecommerce, it is basically an online store for your business where your customers can browse your products and pay for them all via the internet.

Ecommerce Solutions For Small Business

There are many ecommerce solutions and it can become overwhelming when trying to decide on what solution you need for your business. The best question to ask yourself is what are you trying to accomplish with your site? Do you just want to add an online store to make it easier for your customers to buy from your business, or do you want to use your store to reach new audiences through online marketing? I just helped a business set up an online store and their main goal was to reverse the cash flow coming into the business through an ecommerce store, They originally would have people call in orders then they would invoice them 30 – 60 days out, this made it hard for the business to function because they were always waiting on their customers to pay them on time and everyone knows that its almost impossible to have a client pay them on time. So we created an online ordering system for the business, when customers order they have to pay at the same time, this will help their business to function better. Your first task is to understand why you want ecommerce, and what you want it to do for your business.

Your second task you should look at your budget and make sure you can afford an ecommerce website for your business, Some ecommerce solutions for small business can cost over $10,000 to get started plus a monthly fee for maintenance and support, Can you afford that? Maybe you need a simpler solution for your business. I have specialized working with small business owners and helping them set up ecommerce solutions for their small business, you will still need to pay a set up cost of around $2,000 and a monthly maintenance, software license and support for around $299/mo this price can vary depending on your business and your needs, if you want a simple ecommerce store this solution would be best for you because you aren’t paying and arm and a leg for your store.

Ecommerce is a big deal, if you want to implement an ecommerce store on your website you will need help from professionals who know what they are doing, ecommerce is more complicated than setting up a normal website with a blog, you need to focus on website security, and making sure your software is up to date so you don’t get hacked. If you are looking for ecommerce solutions small business, contact us and we can help you create your online store so that you can make more sales while you sleep and satisfy your customers.