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Are you a small retail business that sells products like sporting goods, guitars, bike, etc or are you an individual toying with the idea of selling products online? Have you ever wondered how you can sell your products online? The nice thing about being a small brick and mortar business is that you could have the best of both worlds, offline and online business. If you want to sell your products online there are many solutions out there and in this article we will talk about the many ways you can sell your products online.

Sell Your Products Online Via Amazon

You can sell you products online by setting up an amazon store and benefiting from amazon’s huge customer base. I have an ebook store and have enjoyed selling my ebooks via amazon because of the huge customer base and traffic to Amazon. There are pros and cons of setting up an amazon store here are just a few.


• A lot of traffic – millions of people go to amazon to buy products

• Fulfillment by amazon – Send your products to amazon and they will take care of the shipping and packaging

• Create advertisements –  target the right customers on amazon’s platform and make more sales



• Amazon Fees – You have to pay a monthly fee plus a percentage of each sale

•Amazon’s Customers – You are not building your customer base you are build Amazon’s customer base

• Competition – There are a lot of Amazon stores and it might be hard to compete with some that have been on amazon a while

If you think creating an amazon store is great for your business you can sign up online and start creating your store  check it out.

If you want to sell ebook via amazon go here.

Selling Your Products Online Via Etsy

Etsy can be a great place to sell your products especially if you create hand made or crafty products. Etsy has a great audience and customer base so selling on etsy can be a great solution for your business.


• Take advantage of Etsy’s traffic and users

• Easy to set up an online store



• Etsy is a handmade marketplace – If your products aren’t hand made this won’t be a good solution for you

• You have to pay a fee to Etsy every time you make a sale

•Picky Customers

• High competition

If you think setting up an online store for your business would be good on Etsy check it out


Sell Your Products Online by Creating Your Own Store

Creating you own store can be a great solution to selling your products online. I have created my own store online and I love the challenges and the success of creating an online store. Creating your own store may not be for everyone but it is definitely a great solution for selling your products online. here are some pros and cons:


• You keep all profits – you don’t have to pay a platform like amazon.

• You build your OWN customers – building your own customer base is beneficial because they are you customers only

• Create promotions and contests – If you own your own site you can set up promotion and drive more traffic to your store

• Ecommerce software – Ecommerce software can help your store look professional and work the way it should



• You have to build the traffic – building traffic can be challenging but it is definitely worth it if you want your own store.

• Hosting – You have to host your own site.


If you are interested in creating your own store contact us and we would love to help your business.


Choosing to Sell your products online is an important decision to make for your small business, it could even be beneficial to have a store on various market places, then again you have to keep track of many different stores which could become tedious and annoying but if you see the benefits of doing that go ahead 🙂 I hope this article was informative for your business and I hope you can be successful with selling your products online. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section or feel free to contact us via our website.