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Online shopping is growing in popularity and it is easier for busy customers to simply go to their computers find your website and order products from countless online stores. Ecommerce is a growing industry and in order for your small brick and mortar retail store to succeed and compete it needs to have an online store. It fascinates me how many small brick and mortar stores don’t utilize the power of the internet and sell their products online. You probably have a website for your brick and mortar store and all it does is tell people where you are located, why don’t you turn your website into an income producing asset for your business and capitalize on the internet revolution. If you are a small brick and mortar retailer you seriously need to consider setting up an online store for your business. Here are some benefits of having an online store:

Your Customers Are Online – Start An Online Store!

This one is obvious but your customers are online and most of them are browsing the web to buy products you might sell. The internet is in everyone’s hands and homes, it is much bigger than the impact of the television and you can target your marketing towards your exact customers. Your customers are on social media platforms and have the ability to share your online store to hundreds  or even thousands of their friends.

Target Your Market

It is a lot easier to target your customers via online advertising channels vs traditional marketing channels. If you have an online store you basically can market to your exact target market and reach them in their homes and in the palms of their hands, making it easy for them to BUY from your business.

It Is Convenient For Your Customers

Your customers are very busy, having an online store is very convenient for your customers because they can just log on to your site and make purchases instead of going to your store. If your small brick and mortar store is more convenient than your competitions, you will get more customers buying from you instead of them. You can also create promotions and coupon via your online store and market them to your customers. lets say you want to give 35% off one of your products to the first 50 customers, you simply can create online coupons that will expire after you reach 50 customers who have bought your product.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Having an online store for your brick and mortar business is the best of both worlds. You can reach more people and get more purchases via online marketing/advertising, set up coupons and promotions, have people buy your products while you sleep and have foot traffic come into your store on a daily basis. Ask your self this, Why don’t I have a website that is helping me make more money for my business and reaching more of my customers? Setting up an online store is not a complicated process unless you have thousands of products. if you are interested in starting an online store for your small brick and mortar business or if you have questions please send Jordon an email, he is always happy to help 🙂