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Do you really care about your business? If your site is ugly, not mobile friendly or unfinished,  then you don’t care about your business like you should. Everyone is online today, watching videos, posting updates, searching for services or products, learning how to do new things. If you stop and think about it, the Internet is an amazing tool in our lives today.

Why Your Website Kills Business

We know that millions and millions of people are searching online everyday for services and products that small businesses provide, yet so many business websites are UGLY! Small business owners, if you want people to trust you when they go to your website, make sure your site looks amazing! If your site looks bad online, then customers will think you are bad in real life. It’s silly that a website can have so much influence on customers but it does, in a big way. People really do judge a book by its cover, even though they are told not to. I know whenever I am searching for services or products online and if the site looks terrible then I automatically hit the back button and continue my search for a better company. Your website kills your business because people hit the back button because you don’t look trustworthy, it is that simple.

Business owners it is your responsibility to make your business look good online. I am not saying you have to learn design and programming then build your website on your own, there are many designers out there that can do it better and faster. What I am trying to get across is that when you hire someone to design your website, make sure they are a professional. I see too many business owners hiring their son, relative or a friend because they took an HTML class in high school and think they know how to build a PROFESSIONAL website. Don’t be one of those guys. In this world today you need to understand the power of professional design on the web. When you can understand this, you will make more sales for your business.

The Power Of Professional Design

Ah design. I love good design. Whenever I see a well designed website, software or app it makes me feel like I am getting an incredible product. I bet you feel this way too when you visit well designed websites. The truth is that your business needs good design to gain people’s trust. Trust is what makes people buy from your business, first impressions are extremely important and help with trust. When your website looks extremely professional customers gain some trust.

Most new customers or clients will find your business for the very first time through the internet, why would anybody in their right mind want to give a bad impression on the first visit? Having a professional looking website can be very powerful and helpful for any small business and I encourage all business owners to evaluate their websites and ask these questions:

1. Is my website easy to use?

2. Does my website have a clean design?

3. Does my website have a clear message?

4. Is the style of my website outdated?


If you answered “no” to any of these questions I would suggest that you hire a professional designer to help you with your website.


I hope this article helps your business succeed online. Your website is your biggest marketing tool for your business and it works 24/7! Can you hire an employee that works that long? I bet you can’t! Take care of your website and make it look awesome and it will surely take care of your business and help you make more sales.