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There is a huge problem when you hire web designers. Yes, I just said that. Most businesses hire a web designer and they usually hurry up and design the site then take a huge chunk of money from your business, then they disappear and are never heard from again. This is a huge problem because you hired them because you aren’t tech savvy and you don’t know how to write code, What happens when your website code breaks or if you need changes made, what about if you need a new promotional slider designed for your website and you have no idea how to use Photoshop or upload the correct size to your site? What if someone hacks your site and you don’t know how to fix it? there are many situations that can have a huge affect on your business. I once had a new client call me because his web designer built his site and left no instruction on how to care for the site, the website software quickly became outdated and a hacker attacked the site and destroyed it, my client was also paying good money for SEO services and everything came to a halt because his web designer wasn’t there to support and backup the business owner with his site.

We take website support, security and service very seriously at RocketFire. We are sick of the kids who live in their parents basement setting up websites and forgetting to support the client with their most important marketing investment. If you own a business we want you to know that if we design a website for you, we will always support, secure and service your site using the best online practices.

Here are some examples of business owners who got neglected by their web designer:


This poor business looks like they don’t even exist anymore because nobody has taken care of the site maintenance for the business owner who knows nothing about the web.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.15.26 AM


This dental practice is heading in the same direction as the one above. Web designers need to support the assets they create for small business owners because that is just the professional thing to do.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.15.59 AM

There are many other examples that I can show you that hiring the wrong web designer can cause headaches and loss of sales for your business. Maintaining a website is important and if you as a business owner don’t know how to do the tech side of a website, it probably would be smart to hire a professional web design team to help you and your business succeed online in this modern digital age we live in.

If you have any questions about maintain your website or you want to sign up for our web care plan let us know.

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