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There are a lot of people out there that think they understand design and when you see their design on their website, it makes you questions if they are a good choice for making your business look good online or offline. Many businesses hire a web professional to help design their website and it turns out to look like a 3rd grader created it. In my opinion if I wanted to put something up for all the world to see I would want it to look freakin awesome!

75% of customers choose not to buy from businesses because of poorly designed websites.

Why Simple Website Design Is Better

Do you ever catch yourself going to a small business website and leaving immediately because the website looked really bad or it was hard to read? This happens millions of times a day because small businesses don’t understand the value of simple clean design. As a business owner appearances matter, people will judge you the first time they see your business online or even offline and if it looks bad your business looks bad or low quality. I like to think of Apple whenever I talk about design because they got this down. Apple has clean modern design that appears extremely high class. Every time I order something from apple I keep the box. Why? because it has good design and it seem high quality. Every time I open up my MacBook Pro and see the beautifully designed software I feel like I have bought a quality product. Good design for your website can do the same thing for your customers or clients, make them feel they are getting a lot of value and high quality services or products from your company, design makes them feel good and that they have made the right choice, good design is essential in the business world today. If you fall behind your company will just look old, outdated, and low quality. Good design is simple and clean, it will always help your business make more sales. Remember this today – Simple Design is better.

If you want your business to look good online and make more sales, Contact Jordon.