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WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems on the internet. Because WordPress is massively popular and a lot of local businesses, service businesses and eCommerce sites use WordPress to run their site, it makes the platform a HUGE target for hackers, spammers and other annoying issues. But besides that WordPress is a wonderful tool for web development and eCommerce. If you, as the site owner are not maintaining or paying someone to maintain your website software (WordPress, Themes, Plugins) your site has a high chance of getting hacked! When a piece of software gets outdated it becomes vulnerable to attack by hackers and it could hurt your business by losing customers or having to re-design a new site or even hurting your business reputation if it gets in the wrong hands of a hacker.

73% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to attack

If you are an eCommerce owner and you use WordPress for your store, you are at risk if you are not maintaining your website properly. Lets say your online store is bringing in $1,000/day and someone hacks into your site and your it goes offline for 5 days for repairs, your business will lose $5,000 in revenue. Is it really worth it to neglect maintaining your website?

You are a dentist ( or any small business) and forget to maintain your website and it gets hacked and redirected to an inappropriate pornographic website ( This happens a lot). Because you didn’t maintain your site the right way your business reputation is hurt and it will take a long time to gain trust with your business again.

WordPress Maintenance Explained

WordPress maintenance plans are simple but critical to the security of your site. When we manage your website we make sure we maintain these basic tasks:

• WordPress Core Updates – Most attacks happen because a site has failed to update the wordpress core files, especially if there is a security update.

Theme Updates – Hackers can also get into a theme that has not been updated and access your site.

• Plugin Updates – If your plugins aren’t updated it makes it easy for people to hack your site.

Backing up your site – This is always a good idea in case your site gets hacked or if someone accidentally erases your site from the server, you can have a copy of the site so you don’t have to pay someone to redo the site 🙁

• Security Monitoring – Monitoring your security helps you understand how many hackers are trying to access your site on a daily basis but it also alerts you if someone left any malware or viruses on the site if they do get in.

• Monthly Content Support – monthly content management support is always helpful because as a site owner you don’t have time to maintain the site and it just makes life easier to have professionals help with that.

If you are a WordPress website owner make sure you are doing these basic tasks each month or hire someone to do WordPress maintenance for you business, it will make life easier for you and your business.

If you are interested in getting help maintaining your website contact us.