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Almost, if not all, industries have used social networking in one way or another. Take for example, writing a blog. The gains that you can have by doing so are countless. You will have more recognition and more customers to name a few. You can as well inform people on what your business is all about, and other related pieces of knowledge that you would want to share online. And yes, even the dental industry is catching up with this fast growing trend. If your clinic haven’t considered writing a blog yet, it’s about time that you do. But don’t worry; rocketfire marketing is here to help you out.


here are 5 benefits why you should consider this marketing strategy.

1. Google Approves!

Google values original content. This is a positive thing for dental businesses. Although the numbers are growing, there aren’t many dental blogs around, and surely, each will have their own sales pitch and offers. For that reason, duplication among these blogs is not too high. Be reminded, however, to still double check your content if it’s original or not. Once you have a unique article, you earn plus points in Google search ranking.


2. You can Share Your Knowledge

The very nature of blogs is to serve as a platform to share your thoughts and ideas to the world. So why not use it as an opportunity to share your expert knowledge for people? As a professional, your insight is much more valued; thus, people will read your blog because it is more reliable.


3. People will Know More about Your Clinic

Writing a blog enables you to reach out to a wider audience. If you want people to know your establishment, the best option is to create a social media presence. In this case, that presence is in the form of a regular blog. Having said this, make sure that you inform them with the different services that your clinic offers and what makes it different from the others. Because it’s not enough that you have readers; you will need actual customers who will choose your establishment as their dental clinic.


4. Gain Subscribers

Most often than not, blogs have a subscribe feature where those who subscribe can get regular emails of blog content. This way, blogs serve as newsletters wherein readers won’t have to search for your blog on the Internet. All they have to do is subscribe and they’ll get regular blog articles. More so, this is a great way for connecting with your customers


5. Have a Lasting Online Presence

Each blog post you make goes to the archives of the Internet. It’s there forever. This archive is also some kind of directory where people could just search a keyword. If by chance your article contains that certain keyword, it will appear on Google search and people will read it. The mind blowing thing is, As long as it’s there, people will know about your establishment even after many years from now.


You don’t have to be a writer to create a blog. If you’re hesitant because of this, rocketfire marketing will do that job for you. You have the ideas and knowledge, we have our marketing skills. All we need to do is to put that together and your dental clinic is set for a greater recognition.

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