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Online reviews are useful for popularizing a whole lot of things. Books, household items, electronics, movies and even professional services are some of the best examples of products which use reviews for online promotion, but they are not the only ones. Practically, any product or service can get its very own online reviews, and this includes dental services.

To an online review, all a dentist needs to do is to ask their clients to visit their site or Facebook page, and drop a quick comment or two about their experiences. If they won’t do it for free, you can give them some incentives to change their minds, such as free dental products for example. If they’re regular clients, you can even offer them free checkups or perhaps a discount if they are willing to drop a comment on your chosen site. There are many ways to do this though, so it’s your call.

Once that comment has been posted, it can be re-posted to as many sites as the dentist wants, much the same way that certain posts on Facebook or Twitter are re-posted whenever they become quite popular. Re-posting reviews is a good way to attract people and potential clients into visiting your dental clinic.

However, the greatest value behind these reviews is that they are a type of rating system that’s based around customer satisfaction. When you ask your patients for their reviews, you are basically asking them to judge the quality of your services and people generally enjoy looking at ratings of things that they’re interested in, which means that if they’re looking for a dentist, they will be interested to see what kind of ratings your existing clients give you.

Another benefit in using online reviews is that people trust other people. People who want to buy a certain product can be quite eager to hear what other people who have already bought the product have to say about it, and the same is true for people who want to get the services of a dentist. The advantage of a real online review is that it’s honest. People like to hear an honest appraisal from the things that they want, and online reviews give them what they need.

Aside from attracting potential clients, reviews are also a good way to get better exposure online. So aside from posting the reviews of your patients and clients, it’s also important to post them in all of the right places. In the past, reviews were only posted on the official website, but thanks to rise of social media, it’s more practical to re-post them to as many platforms as possible.

Google Places, Yelp and Facebook are great examples to try, but any social media platform or major dental forum will do nicely. If you have your own website, you can post the reviews there as well or repost them in any site where they are appropriate. However, when it comes to posting reviews, it’s best to post them to as many sites as possible since it gives them much better exposure than if you were to just leave them on one site. So if you’re a dentist who just wants to attract more clients through the internet, one of the best ways to do it is by simply asking your clients for reviews.

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