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Can Facebook ads really help me win new patients as a dentist? This is a common question among many dentists who have only heard of Facebook marketing but never had a chance to experience it. Facebook is actually a real marketplace aside from being a social network, which can help every professional find clients online. If you are one such person and are wondering how this comes true, then here is how Facebook ads can get you clients online.

Facebook is a hub that connects people and naturally human beings are social.

As a dentist, you are assured to get clients for your job, but to maintain connections with them and even expand your customer-base, you must be hooked with them through social media networks. Facebook is one such social media network in which people connect with you to get that “personal touch”, which is very instrumental to winning clients in any business.

Imagine how explosive your online campaign can be on the largest social network that commands over 700 million active members! Not to mention that new members join this network each day. That assures you that your Facebook ads will connect to millions of people simply by popping up on their screens. If even one percent of them click on these ads they will be redirected to your website to find more information on your services as a dentist. From there you can connect with them as your potential clients. Since Facebook is the largest and most common social network on the web today, its ads have the highest selling potential compared to all other social ads.

Facebook ads are tailored and personalized hence more effective in hitting targets

Facebook ads come in two models; CPC, which literally stands for Cost Per Click and CPM, which stands for Cost Per 1000 Impressions. In CPC you pay for every click on your ads while in CPM you pay when people see your ads. Given the turnout numbers of facebook members, you are rest assured that whichever ad model you pick from the two will work for you.

Secondly, with Facebook ads you can target your audience. The ‘target audience’ feature in Facebook ads campaign strategy allows you to specify your audience on many criteria for example, from their geographical region, gender, age, ethnicity, interest and so on. This feature is applicable to online campaigns that aim at dentistry clients from the adjacent geographical zones. What this means is the ads will only be visible to Facebook users who fall under the specified criteria.

If you have not yet decided on which marketing platform to use for online campaigns, then Facebook ads should win your mind. For one, Facebook offers a large pool of audience amounting up to millions of people. This entire audience sets a high potential for your online marketing strategy. Facebook campaigns are also strategic in that you are provided with tools that enable you specify your audience thereby avoiding being a spammer marketer. There are many other features that come with Facebook ads marketing including affordability, but most importantly, you can count on the numbers of its users and its strategy as well when it comes to winning clients as a dentist.

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