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As a dentist you work with people and you provide a service for people.  This is simple but important to think about.  Most dentists don’t understand that their business is a social business.  As a social business you need to be, well, social.  People want to get to know you and your staff, they want to understand dentistry and how they can improve their health.  they want to be social.

Social media has changed how to market and advertise to your patients. 

before social media successful dentists would run SEO and PPC campaigns (still good) that would help searchers find providers.  Social media is completely different, it helps you and your office build a relationship with your patients and their friends and creates a word of mouth or referral marketing campaign for your office.

Facebook has a lot to offer for dental offices

If you are wanting to get started with social media Facebook offers so much to your practice.  you can communicate with your patients and post special offers, promotions and contest to get people involved with your practice.  If you have a special offer or promotion you can set up a Facebook ad and reach thousands and thousands of potential patients.  If you are interested and want to start a Facebook marketing campaign we can help you.  We will manage your Facebook page and
create Facebook ads so that you can get the most exposure for your practice.

Don’t get behind the times

Your patients expect to find you on Facebook.  Everyone is on Facebook and they visit it on a daily basis. As a dentist and a business owner you would be smart to take advantage of Facebook and how it can help your practice grow. My advice to you is, Dont get behind the time and take advantage of Facebook.

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