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Facebook is an awesome way to market your practice or small business. Here is a list of benefits of Facebook marketing.


Facebook helps you brand your business. Most people don’t get how important branding is to a business, even if the business is just your name. Branding helps set you apart from the competition.

Market Research

Facebook collects data from the people who like your page. You can learn a lot about you audience or market by owning a FB page.

Control Your Image

Facebook gives you complete control of you image. If someone posts a complaint , you can resolve it with the individual and the delete negative comments, if any.

Communicate To Your Patients, Clients Or Customers

It is so important to maintain good communication with the people that buy your products or services. You can share posts, send private messages or create ads that help communicate what your business wants everyone to know.

Reach Thousands

By creating a Facebook advertisement (different from posting) you will be able to reach thousands and thousands of potential patients, customers or clients.

Show Your Human

Facebook shows your human side. Post things that make people laugh and people will begin to like you and will remember you when they need your product or service.