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Dental Web Design, The Easy Way

Who said getting a modern dental website has to cost an arm and a leg?


RocketFire is a software & Website as a service company. We have created a turnkey, hosted website solution designed specifically for dental and medical practices. Choose a Premium website built just for your practice, designed to attract new patients, built in forms and Lead generation software will allow you to communicate and generate leads online. If you need a website fast we can help you build, host, maintain and support your dental website.

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Everything You Need to Have a Successful Dental Website is Right Here!

Don’t pay $5,000 to $13,000 for your practice’s website. RocketFire can give you a professional website that doesn’t break the bank and allows you to have professional support while allowing you complete control to change your website.

Dental Websites Made Easy.

1. Pick a template

2. Sign up online

3. Send us whatever you got

4. We will set it up within 5 business days


Your new website launched by this weekend!

The easiest way to get your website done right. Our professional designers will get your new site launched in a matter of days!

What Your Practice Gets

See what thousands of dentists are raving about. Get your practice's website up and running by the weekend.

Mobile Friendly

If your site is not mobile friendly, your site won’t rank well on Google and it will be difficult for your patients to learn about your practice.

Admin Login

Once your site is set up you will be able to login, view report, ask for help and make changes to your site.

Modern Design

Beautiful design not only makes you look professional to your patients but it gives you credibility.

Reliable Hosting

We take hosting serious and have secure servers so your site won’t get hacked or compromised. If your site gets hacked we will fix it for free! We also back up your site everyday so if anything happens we have plenty of updated copies of your site.

Easy to self manage

You will receive a login for your site and you can make edits using our easy to use web publishing software.

Free Updates

We are constantly updating & creating new themes. You will automatically receive updates as we make future improvments.

Powerful Dashboard

Once you login to your site you will see reports of traffic and how people found you online. This will help you understand which marketing channels are driving people to your website.

Professional Support

Stop hiring your nephew to manage your website and get serious about your website. Our support team are web professionals who used to work in dentistry.

Live Chat (Addon)

Easily chat with potential patients right when they visit your website. Schedule appointments online and help answer questions for your patients via live chat! Download the iPhone app and let your staff communicate with your patients from anywhere!

What Our Customers Say.

Check out what our happy customers say about our powerful website builder and design team.

“Jordon Comstock and Rocketfire have done an incredible job designing and hosting my website, I could not be happier with their results.  I have been able to create with their help the website that I should have had long ago.   The process has been painless and fast.   Five stars all day long!”

Dr. Dickson


RocketFire goes above and beyond what they promise. I’ve been so impressed with their one on one attention to our practice and they have completed everything they have  promised to do. Their websites are fresh, clean and modern.  Pricing is way below his competitors and yet he offers so much more. I’m very happy our practice went with RocketFire!

Lisa Packer

Office Manager

RocketFire has helped my office build and maintain our website and we have been so impressed with the templates and the cupport we get when we need to make changes. I highly reccomend using RocketFire as their pricing works out really great for a practice.

Jessica Blue

Office Manager

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Get a professional website at a fraction of the cost and start growing your web presence today.

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